BREAKING: Those Claiming “#FakeNews” May Have to Answer for it


    Today, in the third hour of the Alex Jones Show, talkshow host, Alex Jones states that he plans to announce a national and global plan to defend Free Speech.

    Jones reports that he and his team are preparing lawsuits for discrimination, censorship, and racketeering.  He is also planning to join lawsuits against the Washington Post and other organizations that have listed his website,, as a Fake News website, and have called for the site to be taken down.

    Although he doesn’t like to get involved in lawsuits, Jones has a perfect record for winning deformation suits.

    “When people say that we’re Fake News and that we’re a fraud, and say shut us off, destroy us,” says Jones, “You’re trying to bankrupt us and put us on the street and steal my free speech.”

    Jones’ response that claim was, “you can go to hell!”

    Jones plans to build a national movement that includes marches and petitions, and delivering actual printouts of the petitions to President Elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower in New York City.

    “I want to do it by next week,” Jones says.

    The announcement will come later today or tomorrow on

    This comes on news today that the EU is demanding social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to censor sites that they’re calling “Fake News” sites within the next 24-hours.

    In 2015, Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report announced on Jones’ show that regardless of the outcome of the 2016 Election, the EU and the US would move to ban Free Speech and consolidate the media into State run, State sponsored Media.

    Immediately following the November election, lame duck Obama gave speeches worldwide calling for the censorship and removal of these alleged “Fake News” sites.   Obama claims that the “Fake News” sites are the reason that Donald Trump was elected in November.

    All of this is happening while the Mainstream Media is caught countless times publishing fake or misleading articles and news reports.

    Here’s an example.  The video below shows a Trump protester post election ranting against the Electoral College.  The interview appears to be an organic man-on-the-street interview

    At the end, the host, Don Lemon admits that he knows the so-called protester and that he’s the cameraman that accompanied him to Africa.

    In a recent video by independent media analyst, Mark Dice, you can see ABC News staging a crime scene.

    Not Globalism published an article yesterday by the NY Post called, The War on ‘Fake News’ is All About Censoring Real News.

    The war on “Fake News” is there to “marginalize all nonliberal voices and blur the lines between viral sites pushing questionable content and reliable outlets with which we may just disagree,” according to the NY Post.

    We have to fight back and that’s exactly what Jones plans to do.  Follow the story on