Trump Operation: Gaslight the Media


Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.

Prior to running for President, Donald Trump was respected, if not liked by most of the mainstream media. As the host a successful TV show, he garnered acclaim from Hollywood. He was treated by most in the industry as an equal. But then he did the unthinkable. He ran for the highest office in the land.

The Outsider
Trump had no prior political experience and was an outsider to Washington D.C. The media may have thought his bid for the White House to be a prank but politicians took his promise to drain the swamp as a threat to their existence. D.C. is run by people who know how to find the weakness in others and use it against them.

gaslight the media q anon qanon operation praying medic With few exceptions, the Presidents of the last half-century were allowed into the oval office because they were compromised in some area of their life and that made them vulnerable to control. During the 2016 Presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s opponents dug feverishly to find dirt on him.

Even with access to the NSA’s database, the best they could come up with was the BIlly Bush tape. Trump has led a relatively scandal-free life that precludes him from being blackmailed or controlled.

Access Kills
Years ago, the D.C elites, in their infinite wisdom, created an intelligence apparatus that gathers personal information on everyone (including them). Such information is helpful for learning about the weakness of opponents who need to be controlled.

But such information would have to be closely guarded and it could never fall into the hands of someone who could not be controlled—into the hands of an outsider. If that ever happened, and if the one who gained access were interested in justice, corrupt politicians would surely hang from nooses.

Knowing the threat that an outsider posed to their house of cards, politicians met with their allies in the media and developed a plan to make sure Trump would never be elected. Needing to account for the slim possibility that he might win, they also developed an insurance policy.

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Ever since he came down the escalator, the media’s job has been to portray Donald Trump in the most negative light possible.

During the campaign, they claimed it was impossible for him to be nominated. When he won the nomination, they insisted that a racist, misogynist, hateful man like Trump could never be elected.

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