Mysterious Timeline: Julian Assange is Missing?


Where is Julian Assange? The WikiLeaks editor has not been seen via the Ecuadorian embassy window where he resides or made a verifiable live public appearance since October 3, 2016.

Since then, many events have transpired which call into question the legitimacy of WikiLeaks itself. No messages from Assange or WikiLeaks have been signed with a “PGP” – or “Pretty-Good-Privacy” – signature for some time. PGP signatures, used heavily by WikiLeaks in the past, are essentially a unique key generated to an individual or organization, able to verify identities through digital communications.

It’s a simple and effective way to show proof of identity and proof of well-being, yet time and time again WikiLeaks has refused the call from the public for Assange to sign something – anything – with a PGP signature.

Here is the Mysterious Timeline of Events >>